Dominique Luck is a Mom of 2 boys, labrador lover and forest walker, a natural homebody who wishes she practised more yoga. Lover of textiles and prints and how they come alive when mixed. Green fingers. Procrastinator. Pasta lover.

What do you do?
I create sleepwear to live in, when the world feels cruel and hard I want the wearer to feel “held’ by my designs. I want them to feel that I have their back. Literally. I want them to start their own Paperlace journey.

What inspires you?

Outdoors and nature inspire me; silver trees, proteas, foliage, blooms, mountains, waterfalls, increased heart rate and streams. It’s all in the details. It’s in the overall picture. It always ties back to feeling; mood and colour. I feel therefore I am. It’s about repetition. It’s about pattern. It’s about process. It’s about comfort. It’s about sophistication. It’s about giving back. It’s about feeling proud. It’s about creating. It’s about travel. It’s about the exotic in the everyday. It’s about a big little world.

Why did you start Paperlace?

I wanted to create-something original, something personal, something all mine. Clothes for me are all about how I feel in them- how I feel at home is equally important to how I feel out and about — it’s undervalued or not realised by most. Home. Its where I want to be.